As with any commercial business, disputes may arise from time to time. This may come from in the form of a domain name dispute or breach of contract. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain legal advice on the best resolution. There are several methods of dispute resolution.


This is the traditional method of resolving disputes and it is done through the courts. It is also the most formal, inflexible route and it is common that most disputes are resolved prior to reaching court. It is also costly to settle in court.


This can be similar to court proceedings in large scale cases. The decision to resolve the dispute is made by a third party. This is a very formal method and there are limited ways to appeal the decision. It often deals with multinational disputes and the decisions are enforceable worldwide. One advantage is that the arbitrator can be chosen by the parties and is likely to have technical or specialist expertise or knowledge. Arbitration can also be time-consuming and costly and the arbitrator may not have the judicial knowledge and a resolution may not be reached.


There are alternative forms of dispute resolution and mediation is one of its common forms. This is more informal and is carried out by a neutral third party. It is a voluntary and confidential service. The appointed mediator will attempt to facilitate negotiation between the parties and they must agree to participate. It is the decision of the parties to settle according to the outcome of the mediation.

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